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Here you go! Sorry it took so long. Had other things to do. Hope you guys like it and feedback would be appreciated!! Also, sorry if it’s not great. I didn’t really know what else to put.
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“WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” I’m awake. I turn and see Connor sitting on Josh shaking him awake after successfully waking me.

I grab my pillow and throw it at him. “Shut up!” I say groaning burying my face in the pillows.

"Hey!" he says after I hit him. "C’mon Bry! Get up… We’re going to the carnival! You and your idiot here promised," he pouts when I turn back to face him and see him pointing to Josh. I can’t help but laugh a bit.

Josh’s brother, Connor, was staying with him while his parents went on vacation - Josh and Connor’s anniversary gift to them. I stayed the night because Josh didn’t wanna let me go home alone so late. After a 3 minute argument (which i lost), I agreed. Well last night, Josh and I were trying to watch a movie but Connor wouldn’t shut up about how he was so bored and hated what we were watching. Josh eventually got him to shut up by telling him that we’d bring him to the carnival today so he went to bed early.

"Josh!" Connor yells jumping on top of him.

"What??" josh yells back finally getting up making Connor fall backwards on the bed.

"Aww, don’t be so mean, Joshie." I tease "He’s your brother after all. Besides, you promised him a day at the carnival. Also, do you mind dropping me off at my place on your way there?"

He laughs. “No way! You’re coming with us. He is my brother after all,” he mocks. I’m speechless trying to process what he had just said.

"That doesn’t even make any s—-" before I can finish, he and Connor are out the door. I get up and follow them into the kitchen where they started to make breakfast.

"You know, if you’re gonna force and kidnap me to go, at least drive me home and let me change and look good," I lean on the counter. 

They both laugh. “What? I’m serious,” I try to keep my face straight but the three of us laugh even more.

"You’re ridiculous but fine," Josh finally speaks up. 

I see Connor’s already dressed but Josh is just in his boxers. “You better get ready if you wanna make it there early,” I tell him.

"Fine," he mumbles with a mouthful of food. 

30 minutes later, we’re out of the house on the way to mine. I change my clothes, fix my hair, and re-do my makeup. When I walk out of my room, Josh and Connor are sitting on the couch watching tv. “Finally!! I thought I was gonna die of old age,” Josh teases.

"Well, excuse me for wanting to look good. I do it for you, ya know." Shit. Did I really just say that? I feel my face heating up but God bless Connor for breaking the silence with his impatience, "C’mon! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!" he says getting up.

"Shotgun!" Connor yells darting out the door, Josh and I both laughing. "You really got him worked up," I laugh.

I get in the back and Josh gets in the driver’s seat. It takes us about 45 minutes to get there and we already see people starting to walk in. We find a parking space and head towards the carnival only to find that it was way more crowded than we expected.

Connor sees some people he knows and decides to hang out with them. “Meet us here at 7!!” Josh yells as Connor runs away. 

Next thing I know, Josh grabs my hand and takes off running. “Woah! Slow down! I swear I almost knocked down a few people back there,” I say when he finally starts to slow down. He stops in front of a booth, eyeing a huge teddy bear. “I’m winning you that,” he smiles. 

"Awesome! Now I’ll never be alone," I say sarcastically.

There’s a pyramid of 15 cans and Josh has 3 tries to knock them all down. The first try, he only gets the top can. “Damn,” I hear him whisper, “I’m just warming up,” he says trying to cover it up. “Sure you are,” I joke. The second try, he gets four. “damn it, how ‘bout a good luck kiss?” he turns to me. I grab his shirt pulling him near me, kissing him. “Happy?” I say after pulling away. He answers by knocking down the remaining cans in one throw. I squeal as the guy manning the booth hands the bear to Josh. “Thanks,” I smile as Josh hands me the bear. I hug it close to my chest and Josh puts his arm around me. We go around buying food and checking out then different games. It’s 5 pm and Josh is starting to act a little weird. He’s sweating one minute then shivering, the other, “Are you okay? Are you feeling well? You know we can just leave now. We just need to find Connor,” I say getting worried. 

"Yeah, I’m fine. Just a lot going through my mind," he says avoiding my eyes.

"Are you sure?" I ask. Shit. What’s happening? What’s he thinking about? Did I do something wrong? I wanna ask but I decide to leave it.

"Yes I’m sure," he smiles.

I sigh, “Okay.”

At around 6:30, the sun starts to set and Josh suggests that we go on the ferris wheel for a better view. I laugh, “Don’t you think that’s a little cliché?” 

"Yeah, which is exactly why I wanna go. C’mon!" he says dragging me once more. I leave my bear with the guy manning it and Josh and I get on. The entire time, Josh was fidgeting with his hands. "Are you sure you’re okay?" I say getting a little frustrated that he wasn’t telling me what was going on cause I knew something was. I just didn’t know the exact reason. Josh was never like this. "You know you can tell me anything," I say a little more patient this time. 

"It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it," he says trying not to seem so bothered. I lean on his shoulder until we get to the top. It’s quiet and it’s starting to get dark when I hear Josh, "I love you, Bry," my eyes widen and I get off his shoulder to look at him, my mouth open. What?! Is he serious? This can’t be happening. I’m speechless. What’s he talking about? I feel like I can’t breathe. I don’t know what to say. I was probably quiet for a long time because he speaks up again. "I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have—- I’m so stupid. I just— I just had to tell you. It wouldn’t have been better if I had kept it from you. It’s just, I needed to tell you how I felt. I’m sorry," he says looking back down at his hands. It’s quiet the entire time, neither of us saying anything. We get off and go back to where Connor left us. He sees us and runs our way. "Where the hell were you? I thought you left me!" he yells.

"Sorry," we both say.

"Can we go? I’m tired." he says. 

"Yeah, sure. We have to stop by her place first though," Josh says pointing to me.

The entire ride home, Connor’s blabbing about how his friend introduced him to is girl and blah, blah, blah… We arrive and I get out along with Josh. He walks me to the door and I look through my bag for my key. I find it, unlock the door, and turn to Josh. 

I breathe in, “I love you, too, Josh.” 

He smiles and pulls me by the waist, kissing me. My fingers find his hair and he moves his hands up to my face. After a while, Connor honks the horn startling us both. He rolls down the window, “Hurry up!” Josh gives him ‘the finger’ and turns back to me. 

"You just made me the happiest guy on earth."

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