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I wake up and find myself in Josh’s arms. I check my phone and see that it’s 8am on a beautiful Saturday. The sun is shining, only a few clouds, and to top it all off, I had the best sleep since forever. I can’t even remember the last time I felt this rested. Josh’s arm is wrapped around my waist and I successfully get out of the bed without waking him. I head to the bathroom and freshen up. Wash my face, gargle mouthwash and head out to make coffee. 

As I’m pouring the coffee, I feel a pair of hands wrap behind my waist and jump a little almost dropping the coffee pot. I instantly know it’s Josh and he rests his chin on my shoulder. “Shit, Josh. Don’t do that again. You scared me!” I say continuing to pour myself a mug and proceed to grab him a mug as well. 

"Sorry, baby," he whispers, " I didn’t mean to scare you."

I take both mugs and turn, handing him one. I lean on the counter and Josh stands  front of me. 

"Morning," I smile.

"Hey," he says. "you have any plans today?" he doesn’t even let me answer when he continues. "If you do, cancel them. I’m stealing you for the day."

I giggle, “no, I didn’t have plans. It’s a Saturday. Why?” I raise my eyebrow.

"You’ll see," he smirks.

It’s 10 am and I’m washing the mugs when Josh picks me up by the waist and somehow manages to fling me over his shoulder leaving the mugs soapy and the water running.

"Ah! Josh! Let me down," I say trying to stop him but it’s useless so I give up. He takes me to the bedroom and throws me on the bed. I lay on my back with my head on a pillow when Josh follows hovering over me.

"What was that about?" I say.

"we are going to the beach." he smiles.

"Oh are we? Okay then," I take his shirt pulling him closer and I kiss him, my other hand finding his hair playing with the ends. This leads to us just laying there kissing for a few minutes when he pulls away, I pout.

"C’mon, get ready. I promise we can continue this when we get back," he winks getting up.

"Fine." I get up and pull out my black bikini and purple board shorts. I head to the bathroom a
leaving my tank top on the bed. I change, put my hair in a messy pony tail and walk out to find my tank top missing.

"Josh!" I call out from the room, "have you seen my tank top?" I say looking under the bed.

"nope! Keep looking. Maybe you didn’t bring it out? Where’d you put it?" he yells back.

"I’m pretty sure I brought it out and put it on the bed," I walk out only to find Josh standing there twirling my tank top in his hands.

"give it back, Josh." I smile.

"No! You don’t need it. You look much better like that," he winks once more. 

"Seriously, Josh. Give it back," I try putting on the best puppy dog face I can. "Seriously, Courtney. I’m not giving it back." he mocks me. He doesn’t budge so I walk over to him and start tickling him. He runs away trying to avoid me. Unfortunately, because of all his training for the Hunger Games, he’s pretty hard to compete with. I end up losing him in all the commotion.

"Damn," I whisper under my breathe. 

"Boo!" Josh yells from behind me.

I scream and jump. “What the hell, Josh?” I turn to him.

"Looking for this?" he lifts up his hand. I swipe it from him putting it on before he can take it away from me again.

"yeah, I was," and he kisses my cheek before I walk back in the room.

"Love you, baby!" he yells from the living room. 

"Whatever!" I yell back. 

We decide we want something to eat first before heading to the beach so we head to In-n-Out. 

When we finish, it’s already 1 o’ clock. We stay on the beach lying down just talking about anything and everything. At around 3 o’ clock, Josh decides he wants to swim. I tell him I’d follow after a few minutes. 

As I’m lying down, eyes closed, I feel water dripping on me. I open my eyes and see Josh standing there. “C’mon, get in the water, please? I feel so lonely and I’m getting the creeps from those girls over there,” he says pointing to a group of teenage fan girls with his eyes.

I laugh, “but aren’t you used to it yet, Mr. Superstar?”

"Yeah, but I brought YOU here with me today. I only want to spend it with you," he pouts. 

"Fine," I sigh getting up removing my shoes. And I walk to the water with Josh. We get in and I go underwater. I get up and don’t see Josh anywhere. I look around and when I turn, he’s standing there behind me. Startling me once again.

"Are you gonna keep doing that??" I say.

"Yup," he smiles at me. I splash water in his face. "Hey now, that’s not nice."

"Like you’re so sweet yourself?" I say sarcastically.

He takes me by the waist pulling me closer and I wrap my arms around his neck. Today could not get any better. I was feeling great AND I had Josh here with me. He licks his lips and I leans in kissing me passionately. I kiss him back with desire and passion. He swipes my bottom lip with his tongue and I don’t hesitate in letting him in. We fight for dominance but not for long as Josh takes over. At this point, I don’t care about anyone around the beach who might see us. Everyone vanishes. All my worries, gone. And only he could do that.

"I’m so glad you came here with me," he says pulling away. 

"Even if I didn’t want to, you would’ve dragged me here with you." I smile.

We head back to the beach after an hour of swimming and we dry up for half an hour. We walk around back and forth by the water barefoot, fingers intertwined. We realize the sun is starting to set and I decide to head back to our towels. “Race ya!” I yell from over my shoulder. 

"Hey! Not fair! Courtney! You got a head start!" he yells back.

"Yeah, and you got trained by a Navy Seal!" I don’t stop running. I only barely reach the towels before Josh grabs my waist spinning me around and falling on our towels. We stay there laughing and after a few minutes, sit up, watching the sunset. I lean my head on Josh’s shoulder and he puts his arm around me, playing with my hair.

I know, I know. It’s cheesy, right? But that didn’t really matter to me. I love these things. I loved it even more knowing that I get to experience it with Josh.

We decide to head back home and watch movies. We get back and I set my bag on the bed when Josh pushes me down telling me to lie down kissing me before I even realize what’s happening. “Woah! Slow down there, tiger. What’re you up to?” 

"Just finishing where we left off," he smiles leaning back down and kissing me.

"I love you, Courtney," he says resting his forehead on mine, his eyes still closed.

"I love you too, Josh," I say pulling him back in for another kiss.